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An Adorable Warbler With Striking Plumage Of Zebra-like Black And White Stripes

There are many stunning warblers in nature. These adorable tiny chubby birds have a one-of-their-kind coat, making them unmistakable in their colony. Their plumage is a harmonious combination of different colors. It is so enchanting that we humans, dub them flying gems of nature. If you get an opportunity to see these birds once, make sure that you grasp it, guys.

(Image Credits: Instagram/rickkollmeyer)

The black-and-white warbler is one of these conspicuous birds. As its name may suggest, this bird is covered in diagnostic zebra-like black and white stripes. When the males grow up into adults, their black streaks are bolder, especially on the belly and cheeks.

(Image Credits: Instagram/winters_light_photography)

You can watch the video of this striking bird below.

The female of this species is paler than the male. She has fewer black stripes and a wash buff on her flanks. Meanwhile, young birds are heavily spotted.

(Image Credits: Wolfgang Wander / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Black-and-white warblers are a species of New World warbler and the only member of its Mniotilta genus. They inhabit northern and eastern North America from southern Canada to Florida during the breeding season. They prefer breeding in temperate Nearctic lowlands, on hillsides or ravines in a wide variety of woodland types.

(Image Credits: Instagram/mtalicha)

Their breeding season begins is from April to August. After finding mates, female birds build their cup-shaped nests out of leaves, coarse grass, and other fine material for lining. This nest is placed near the base of a tree or log concealed under leaves or branches.

(Image Credits: Instagram/annie_beulah)

The females then lay 6 eggs in their nests and incubate them for 12 days. Once the eggs hatch, they continue to feed the chicks until fully fledged, around 12 days. Noticeably, the male of this species joins the female in this process.

(Image Credits: Instagram/linneas.lens)

This warbler is a migrant. When this season is over and the winter comes, they migrate south to Florida, Central America, and West Indies down to Peru.

(Image Credits: TonyCastro / CC BY-SA 4.0)

They feed mainly on insects and spiders hunted on main branches or trunks of trees.

(Image Credits: Instagram/morningnonsense)

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H/T: One Big Birdcage

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