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Lion Family Of 3 Lionesses And 8 Cubs Captured On Camera In the Serengeti Loliondo Conservation, Tanzania

It’s not strange to see wild lion photos. But when it comes to a family of lions, the lion mum and lion cubs, it is not the same.

The picture below is such an excellent example. A lion family appears to pose for a family portrait. Three female lionesses and their eight cubs stare directly into the lens of the photographer’s camera.

The “one-in-lifetime” image was captured on camera in the Serengeti Loliondo Conservation, Tanzania.

When the lion herd was resting on top of a grassy knoll in the park, a wildlife photographer grasped her chance and snapped spectacular images.

We should thank the photographer a lot. She took incredible photos and share them with the world of wild animal lovers.

To those who may not know, Serengeti park extends to 12,000 square miles and is home to lions.

Unfortunately, the population of this animal has decreased dramatically by 70 percent since the 1960s. One of the main causes of the loss of their habitat.

If you love this striking lion photo, just share this post with family and friends. It may help raise our awareness of protecting this animal.

H/T: Mail Online

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