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The Tri-coloured Parrot Finch is a True Jewel-Toned Beauty

Dressed up in royal blue, emerald-coloured wings with a flash of red on the tail, the marvellous tricolored parrot finch definitely lives up to its name.

Only found north of Australia in the forests/grasslands of the Timor and Tanimbar Islands which are a cluster of small islands in the Maluku province of Indonesia.

These birds are a rare sight in the wild and therefore are highly sought after, and its no surprise why.

These unique creatures are just 10cm in length including the tail and are one of the smallest members of their finch family.

This family includes other unique looking birds such as the red strawberry finch and the silver diamond firetail.

Tricolored parrot finches are shy and skittish things, reports say they are friendly with caretakers in zoos if their trust is earned.

These birds absolutely love a bath, this is one place they don’t mind when photographers get up close and personal.

Have a look at this little water baby having a absolute whale of a time:

The tricoloured parrotfinch is a very close relative to another jewel-toned beauty – the blue-faced parrotfinch.

This unique bird is found in north-eastern Australia, throughout Southeast Asia, and Japan.

Here you can see that the blue-faced parrotfinch has all the same colours as the tricoloured parrot finch, but it opted for more camouflage and slightly less opulence:

Source: Kingdomstv

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