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Neon Blue And Purple Plumage And Dark Wings, Banded Cotinga Is At The Center Of Attention!

The banded cotinga is a striking bird. Its neon blue and purple plumage can grasp the eyes of any people spotting it. I have never thought that these two colors could combine in such an amazing way.

The head and back of male banded cotingas are blue but their wings have dark feathers. This blue shade also creates a band across their chest, amid the beautiful purple of the underparts. These birds look so gorgeous in their coat!

Unlike male birds, the females are a less striking dull brown with white mottling.

Banded cotinga is an unusually quiet bird.

It can be found in the endangered Atlantic Forests of eastern Brazil.

Banded cotinga is considered near endangered due to the loss of habitat. It can be extinct intensive conservation.

Currently, this bird species is restricted to small populations in a few protected areas.

Regarding the diet of the banded cotinga, it eats seeds and berries. But this bird also seeks fruit caterpillars and other insects for food.

You the video of this striking bird below!

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H/T: One Big Birdcage

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