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Black Wild Panther Spotted Roaming Rooftops In A French Town

Spotting a black wild panther prowling the rooftops? Most of us agree that that scene only appears in Hollywood movies. But it actually happens in real life. A majestic wild cat was caught roaming on the rooftops of a residential building near the French city of Lille.

The black panther is believed to be 6 months old and weighs about 45lb. French media reported that it had been kept as a pet and escaped from its owner’s home.

Luckily, the majestic cat was captured by local authorities after 2 hours. A local vet used a gun to fire hypodermic tranquilizer at the animal as it tried to climb into a window.

The black leopard was then taken to a zoo in the town of Maubeuge. It would stay there for one or two days before being moved on to an animal sanctuary.

Victor Lefranc, a witness of the incidence tweeted: “Imagine relaxing at home in Armentieres and a black panther passes in front of the window.”

“The Panther was calm and clearly well domesticated, but still considered a danger,” said a security source involved in the recapture operation.

Regarding the panther’s owner, he had gone on the run and was hunted by cops.

H/T: The Sun

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