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Photographer Captures Photos Of Dogs When They Were Puppies And When They’re All Grown Up

Alexandra Cearns OAM is a professional pet photographer who has been photographing for over 12 years. During that time, she has photographed more than 15,000 animals for her human clients.

Many dogs visited her studio when they were puppies and now they’ve grown and become adults. Therefore, the photographer composited together photos from both photo sessions, calling them ‘Big & Little’, and posted them on her social media pages.

Whatever you do, take a gazillion photos of your dogs to document their lives. They are with us for such a short time compared to our life expectancy, so these photos will help us record some of the best memories.

More info: Facebook | houndstoothstudio.com.au

#1 Aryah

#2 Badger

#3 Buffy

#4 Harley

#5 Luna

#6 Cosmo

#7 Duchess

#8 Marshmallow

#9 King

#10 Zephyr

#11 Zulu

#12 Winston

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