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Meet Little Maci – The Cute Kitten With Two-Colored Face

A cat with a face that is two different colors is typically called a chimera cat. We are sure that you’ve seen some cats with two completely different colored faces before. One of the them is Narnia, the adorable French cat who became an internet sensation due to his split face.

There’s a cat making headlines recently – and is also making us squeal with delight over how unique and cool she is. Meet Little Maci, a kitten with a two-colored face: half grey/half ginger. She now lives with her owners and her big brother Casper, the gentle ginger cat.

Little Maci has conquered hearts on the internet with her two colored-faced.

She is a very happy and playful kitten, who loves to play with everyone around her.

You can watch her videos below:

If you love the kitten, you can keep up with her on YouTube to see more her cute videos.

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