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30 “Naughty” Pets That Got Named In The Pet Shaming Facebook Group

16. “This cat doesn’t have any idea of the truth that he is a cat. Just look at how he seats.”

17. “I bite everything. I know that I’m a naughty boy.”

18. “I don’t want to continue the walk anymore.”

19. This would probably be one of the most unflattering pics of this dog!

20. “Eventually, do you want to share me a half?”

21. “This dog chews up the certificate and pretends that nothing happens. Just look at his innocent face!”

22. “He keeps sleeping like a boss. He has no idea to share the sofa with his dad.”

23. “This sneaky guy has been sneaking out of the backyard to make a solo adventure for more than 100 times.”

24. “When I told this dog to find a spot and sit down, he did like this. He literally sat on the sofa.”

25. “I’m just testing the quality of veneer floors. It fails, mom.”

26. “Mommy told me to enjoy the morning walk to the park and here is what I do.”

27. “I’m in trouble because I just stole the neighbor’s turkey.”

28. “I just want this man to give up but he doesn’t. What a strong man!”

29. “I don’t know who ate the tacos. I’m just standing here and watching out for them.”

30. “I scare myself with my own fart.”

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