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Little Kitten Slowly Makes His Dog Big Sister Fall In Love With Him

Thunder is a tiny kitten who was found by Aaron’s neighbor. Sadly, the neighbor couldn’t keep him, so she decided to adopt the kitten and cared for him.

When she brought the kitten home, she was afraid of her dog Shanti being so much bigger than he was. Thunder was very curious about the big dog, but he was a little bit nervous around her.

Thankfully, Thunder slowly won over the big dog’s heart. Shanti fell in love with the tiny kitten and welcomed him to her family.

Thunder loves playing with his big friend. Shanti cares for Thunder as if she was his mom. However, she is sometimes playful and rough with him. She plays with him the way she would play with other dogs.

Despite the size difference, Thunder and Shanti become best friends and are now inseparable. The two animals love each other so much that their mom can’t imagine either of them without the other one now. What a cute friendship!

Watch this giant dog slowly fall in love with the hissing kitten Thunder in the video below:

If you love Thunder and Shanti, you can keep up with them on Instagram.

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