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UPS Driver Takes Photos With Cute Doggie Clients While On His Work

There is nothing better than a surprise at work. It may come from your colleagues or a stranger you met on your routine. And this kind of surprise is enough to make your day, filling you up with happy vibes. This UPS driver is also a lucky person. He has a chance to meet cute animals while on his work. And this turns on incredibly adorable.

Scott Hodges is the name of the UPS driver in this story. Over the past 32 years at work, he has seen hundreds of doggie friends. These cute furry clients have brought the man a lot of happiness during his work. His Facebook account in which he shares photos and videos of all the four-legged friends has nearly 1.8 million followers.

Scott Hodges is a lover of pit bull. He used to have one of his own, Sheba but she passed away in 2004. Seeing these adorable furry clients on daily routines means a lot to him. He gets happiness, making his life and working more interesting.

1. “Hi, Scott. I’ve been staying here to wait for you for a while. Are you doing good today?”

2. “Thank you very much for your snack. It fills up my energy levels again.”

3. “Hi, Scott! I’m happy to see you today.”

4. “I invite my gang to come to meet you for the first time. Are you happy?”

5. “You are taking a photo of me? My mom always says that I’m a pretty girl.”

6. “I’m a bit nervous when you hug me. The next time will be better.”

7. “Yay, you’re coming. I stay here to say hi to you. Have an exciting working day!”

8. “You’re gonna leave? See you tomorrow!”

9. “I’m so excited to see you after a long time. My family and I were on a trip to the beach last week.”

10. “Hi, I’m not happy today. My mom told me that I’m was not on the good list today.”

11. “My dad helps me wear a cat when he knows I come to see you. But I have done something wrong. Just look.”

12. “This snack is for me and my gang?”

13. “I just want to show you my new toys. Dad just bought it for me yesterday.”

14. “Bye bye. See you tomorrow!”

15. “Thanks for giving me a compliment. I’m always a good boy.”

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