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Pawsome Dog Trio Becomes An Internet Sensation With Tiktok Video Showing Their Posing Skills

If you are struggling with camera-ready skills to get pretty selfies, you will get jealous of this dog trio. The Tiktok video that shows their posing skills and photogenic looks has gone viral. Their owner doesn’t need to pay much effort to order the trio to make natural posing postures. These adorable furry guys seem to prove that they were born with these skills. Keep scrolling!

Mojo, Rana, and Mateo are the trio in the question. The adorable gang from Cologne, Germany has come to social media stardom with their posing video. Their parents Vanessa and Rafael shared the video on Tiktok, and it receives 10.2 million viewers till this post. People fall in love with the “pro” posing skills of the trio as they recreate photos that Vanessa shows them on her phone. Additionally, their photogenic look helps steal the heart of viewers.

The gang also deserves to be called “good boys”. They are not only keen on recreating photos shown to them but also patiently wait for Vanessa to give them commands. After finishing each pose, she turns the screen to the dogs so they can see the photo. The three perform excellently. They seem to prove that they’re masters at posing. These furry friends understand each other and cooperate in harmony.

You can watch the video here.

There is one more reason why Mojo, Rana, and Mateo become an Internet sensation. The trio is on “a mission to steal your heart” that has about 309.1k TikTok and 85.2k Instagram followers. Amazing?

The pawsome pack is described as “super bright dogs.” by their owners. “You don’t look for a second and all three are playing together. It’s just super nice that the three have become a dyed-in-the-wool trio,” they said.

You will also love the trio for their personality. Rana who is always full of energy is the bright and the daring one in the pack. Meanwhile, Mojo is a little intelligent dog who loves cuddles. And Mateo, the youngest in the pack has endless love for games and fun. These brothers are now inseparable. They play, sleep, and walk together.

Do you love this pawsome pack? If yes, do not hesitate to share this post with family and friends. Have fun!

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