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30 Cute Pics Of ‘Dogspotting’ You Should See Now

#16 Im Housesitting For Some Family Friends And They Mention Theyre Dogsitting, No Details. Meet Princess, Shes Toothless, Sleeps In An Old Suitcase, And… Yes, Shes Chubby, Look We Just Met. I Cant Judge

#17 Coworker Left His Baked Pawtato On My Desk

#18 Found This Good Boy Peeking Over A Wall Down By The Sea In Scotland…

#19 Just Met Ellie Who Likes To Walk Around The City With Her Favourite Micky Mouse Toy (For All The Attention And Pats She Gets). Can Confirm It 110% Worked

#20 Met This 14 Year Old Wolf At The Top A Mountain ! His Name Is Shadow

#21 Spotted This Cute Corgi In A Backpack! Her Name Is On The Backpack. She Was A Happy Girl

#22 Spotted This Daddy Leading His Hoard Of Puppers To The Yard For Playtime. 15/10 Would Get Smothered In Kisses By These Cute Babies Again

#23 Three Month Old Mini Australian Shep!!!!!!! Look At That Lil Nose

#24 Looked Down Mid-Flight And Found That The Passenger In The Row Behind Us Was Not Practicing Social Distancing

#25 Spotted Little Winnie Falling Asleep In Her Mums Hands!

#26 Just Met This Absolute Beaut And I’m In Love. Say Hello To Mylo

#27 Small Soft Sausage Taking A Break In South London

#28 This Absolutely Cute Floof Ball Came In To Work Today

#29 Spotted Dog At Bar….owner Saved Him From Tijuana Mexico Off The Street And He Is The Happiest Dog I’ve Ever Seen Lol Such A Lover!

#30 Okay, So I Knew No One Would Believe Me So I Took Pictures

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