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Poor Stray Dog Shows Up On Family’s Porch And Refuses To Leave

Meet Lila, an Australian Shepherd puppy who was recently found resting and chilling on a family’s porch in La Porte, Greater Houston Area, Texas.

According to the residents, the stray dog was wandering the streets, when she decided to find a place to rest. She soon spotted a very comfy porch that provided shade, and she decided to lie down, rested her head on the welcome mat, and took a nap.

The owners spotted her outside and gave her some food and water. She mistook it for an invitation to stay forever, so she refused to leave, waiting on porch for help.

After hours passed, and the puppy continued to lay on the porch. The family could not let her in but also did not want her to wander off, so they decided to call the rescue group This Is Houston for help.

The rescue shared a post about Lila on Facebook with the caption:

“This puppy showed up in someone’s driveway in La Porte yesterday. They fed her and she wouldn’t leave their porch. They couldn’t allow her inside and they hoped she wouldn’t wander off while they looked for help.”

“We can’t imagine what she thought as she looked inside the glass, but we are thankful she found a family that would get her some help. One of our fosters couldn’t stand to see her continue sleeping on the porch so she picked her up last night and brought her to safety.”

“She’s a little baby at about 4-5 months old, and she likely has demodex mange. She’ll see a vet tomorrow but today, she’s resting peacefully inside. We’ll get this baby back to health in no time!”

This Is Houston tagged Kourtney Crenshaw, a rescuer who arrived at the house to help the dog. When Lila met Crenshaw, she seemed very happy.

“When I first got there, she was a little skittish, but once I let her smell me, she let me pet her and immediately started licking my face. She would not walk on a leash, so I just picked her up and got her in my car and we headed home,” said Crenshaw in an interview with the Dodo.

“She must have been ready to be rescued,” she added, “because although she was scared, it was very easy to gain her trust and get her to safety.”

Lila was soon brought to the vet who took a look at her. Her hair loss and irritated skin was due to demodex mange, a skin condition caused by tiny parasitic mites. However, she is being treated with antibiotics and medicated baths to help her feel better.

She is living in a comfortable home with great meals. Crenshaw is trying her best to help Lila make a quick recovery so she can begin looking for her forever home.

“She has adapted well,” Crenshaw said. “She loves back scratches and belly rubs, but more than anything she is loving food. Once she is feeling better and a little more decompressed she will be up for adoption,” Crenshaw said.

If you are interested in adopting Lila, you can fill out on application on This Is Houston’s website.

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