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Dog Saves Baby Bird And Decides To Be Her Big Brother

We all know that dogs are our great companions. Not only are they fiercely loyal, but they are also extremely sweet and affectionate. Moreover, they are social animals who want to bond, be accepted, and be loved. So it’s not surprising that people call them good boys.

Meet Hiro, a gentle good boy who lives his happy life with his owner, Viviana Davila in Puerto Rico. Recently, he proved yet again how very good and affectionate he really is.

Hiro and his owner were relaxing in their backyard when they spotted something on the grass near the fence. The dog came closer to figure out what was going on.

“I noticed Hiro licking something on the grass. Hiro licked this thing and looked at me, and insisted again by licking it and looking at me,” Davila told The Dodo. “That gave me the signal that there was something going on and I approached Hiro.”

Davila approached Hiro and saw a baby bird in need of help. It was clear that Hiro wanted his owner to save the baby bird. “I instantly looked for a towel and picked her up,” Davila said. “She was very defenseless and helpless.”

A vet visit revealed the bird, a baby Quaker parrot, was paraplegic due to falling from her nest. That meant she wouldn’t have survived if Hiro had not found her in time.

Despite the bad situation, the baby bird proved to be a fighter. For this reason, Davila named her Hope. “The vet told us that on similar cases he recommends clients to put them to sleep,” she said. “However, he was surprised to see how Hope was striving to live.”

Davila decided to bring Hope home to care for her. Thanks to instructions from the vet, she nursed the bird back to health. “It has been a week and a half and she is doing far better,” Davila said.

Not only does Hiro save Hope’s life, but he does more than that. “Nothing matters anymore for him because he has a new purpose: taking care of Hope,” Davila said. “Hiro has been part of that effort. Since day one he has not left her side.”

“We feel honored to have Hiro,” Davila said. “Although he has always been a really good boy, we are super proud of his development and feel happy to have embraced his honorable soul.”

Hope now has a loving place to call home and a big brother who will do everything to make sure her safe and happy.

We love the beautiful friendship between Hiro and Hope, and we also hope that Hope will continue to thrive with Hiro by her side.

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