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Sandwich Shop Staff Happens To Give A Free Meal To A Stray Dog Everyday

A sandwich shop in New Mexico has been receiving a regular guest every night – a stray pup.

The dog is a frequent visitor to this Subway shop, for she knows someone is willing to spare her a meal that is free of charge. She got the name Subway Sally for being an adorable tramp that never missed a day for her dinner.

Sally at the front door

In a video posted by a Tiktok user Kxnuko, Sally showed up by the front door and grabbed her sandwich topped with chicken. The staff also gave her clean water and soft words.

Sally, though stray, is a well-behaved dog. She only comes for the meal and leaves, no roaming to beg for a bed. If the staff works too late to feed her, Sally will go to Taco Bell across the street. She also doesn’t look like a stray dog, leading to a group of people discussing if she just sneaks out for some treats.

Sally is a stray dog

This Kxnuko then uploaded a follow up video explaining that Sally got the community to take care of her. Her glossy hair owes to a lady at a flower shop close by. Other than that, Sally has a life on the street witnessed by Kxnuko.

Sally was sheltered in the past, but she always found a way to escape. Kxnuko claimed in his comment that he doubted the dog has a place to spend her nights.

But since Sally has become a part of the community, the staff and his coworkers promised they would provide help as long as the dog needs it.

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