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20+ Pets Who Really Do Hate Christmas And Refuse To Spread Holiday Cheer

21. “I will not tolerate any elves on my shelves.”

22. “So my friends parents recreated the nativity scene…”

23. “The silly elf.”

24. “My attempt at a cute Christmas picture of my 13 year old chow mix, samwise.”

25. “I put on her antlers and set her under the tree in hopes of creating an adorable Christmas kitty picture.”

26. “Get a cat they said. “It’ll be fun.”

27. “I got my daughter a pony for Christmas!”

28. “So this cat helped with the Christmas decorations.”

29. “Dog jumped in Christmas tree after cat.”

30. “My cat can’t get enough of the holidays.”

31. “Rudolph, the pissed-off chihuahua.”

32. “And it was delicious.”

33. “I’m ready to meet Christmas!”

34. “Dogs aren’t exactly the best with Christmas trees either.”

35. “Christmas cat.”

36. “Not a happy reindeer.”

37. “Kill me. “Kill me now.”

38. “My sister’s dog, going full derp for Christmas.”

39. “Best Christmas family pic ever!”

40. “Have a Christmas.”

Thank you to all of the pet parents who captured their crazy holiday-related pet experiences. Do you have any pets? How do they feel about the holidays? Please share your thoughts with us in comments below! If you love this post, don’t forget to share it with your friends and family members!

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