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Two Tiny Kittens Found On The Street Without Mom, Held Each Other Tight And Refused To Let Go

Having siblings in your life can be annoying. You have to grow up with someone constantly teasing you, arguing with you and getting on your nerves. However, no matter what they do, they just want the best things for you, and help you overcome difficult times in your life.

Meet Bane and Ines, two siblings had a rough start to life. These poor kittens were found all alone on the streets when they just were five weeks old. With no mother in sight, the kittens had to fend for themselves and were not in good shape. They were terrified, weak and infested with fleas and parasites. The only thing they had was each other, and they held on tight and refused to let go.

Thankfully, rescuers took them off the streets and gave them another chance at a happy life. They were brought to Chatons Orphelins Montreal where they were examined, treated, and nursed back to health.

With lots of love and the medical attention, the kittens began recovering and socializing with other cats and people in their foster home. They made great progress and were growing big and strong. Bane is the protector while Ines loves to cuddle and snuggle.

Their bond is so strong that they couldn’t stand being away from each other even for a minute. The staff at the rescue center knew they couldn’t separate Bane and Ines, so they decided that the kittens would be adopted as a pair only and not as individual cats.

Watch the video here:

Thankfully, both of them found their forever home where they can be together and won’t have to worry about being apart.

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