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Meet Gary, The Best Adventure Buddy Anyone Could Ask For

Nothing is cuter than little furry travelers getting out into the world. Their Instagram accounts are full of awe-inspiring photos that show off stunning views from their journeys. And one of the best social media accounts out there is about Gary, a 5-year-old rescue kitty.

Gary was adopted by his mom from the Calgary Humane Society when he was just four months old. He was named after the city Calgary where he was adopted.

Gary was interested in the outdoors, so his owners started to train him so he could go on walks. And now, Gary becomes a true adventurer with a strong passion for hiking, paddling, and mountaineering. He also loves posing for cutesy photos during his adventures.

“Gary really likes our adventures, and I work really hard to make sure he’s always happy and comfortable,” James, Gary’s owner and social media manager told Bored Panda.

“I’ve created a bit of a monster though because if I don’t take him out enough, he sits at the door and meows,” James explained.

Gary is getting outside, inspiring others to go on adventures. So, if you truly want to be inspired, then his Instagram account is just for you. Follow Gary on Instagram or Reddit to see more his adorable adventures!

Warning: you might feel a tingling sense of envy because Gary has better vacations than most of us.











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