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Woman Makes Adorable Mattresses And Matching Pajamas For Rats

If you are a rat lover and are looking for cute pictures of rats to make your day better, don’t skip this post because it is for you.

Everyone has an opinion on rats, and it’s usually not a good one. However, rats are actually intelligent and social animals that can be great pets. Average lifespan of a pet rat is two to three years. They are easy to care for but that doesn’t mean they are low maintenance pets. They require a fair amount of attention and exercise time, so it would be best if they had someone to live with them. Also, contrary to popular belief, rats are quite clean and are thought to groom themselves more frequently and diligently than cats do.

Recently, a Twitter user @YEMolly found a shop on Etsy and shared some adorable pics with her followers. Accumulating over 21K likes, the photos show pet rats enjoying their handmade baby rattresses in matching pajamas.

She wrote: ”I discovered a woman on IG who makes and sells mattresses for rats and matching pajamas. The mattresses are called “ratresses.” This is her baby Lord Duncan.”

These comfy designs are roughly 8 x 8 inches (20 x 20 cm) and all of the materials are safe and friendly for rats to use every day. The woman behind these amazing creations calls her shop ‘Lord Duncan the Rat‘, in honor of her pet rat Lord Duncan who had been a wonderful model for the items.

Sadly, Lord Duncan crossed the rainbow bridge recently. However, we believe that his memory will live on in the hearts of people who love him and cute items of ‘Lord Duncan the Rat’. Rest in peace, our adorable little critter.

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