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Shelter Dogs Snuggle Together For Comfort While They Wait For Forever Home

Recently, a photo of two dogs snuggling together in their bed went viral after being posted on Facebook. These two are named Agatha and Jukebox and are living at the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, Arizona. The two dogs entered the shelter separately: Agatha was surrender by owners, and Jukebox was a stray. However, they became fast friends when they were introduced to each other at the shelter.

“Typically when a bonded pair of dogs come in the shelter, they’ve spent their whole life together,” Kristen Hassen-Auerbach, director of animal services, told The Dodo. “But with these two, they didn’t know each other. They met in a playgroup one day and from the second they laid eyes on each other they became inseparable.”

The two canines have found comfort in each other’s company, and their connection was unquestionable. Although it’s so difficult to be familiar with shelter life, their growing friendship quickly soothed any anxiety and depression. For this reason, they always want to be adopted and lived together.

Shelter staffers are hopeful that the attention on social media may help find Agatha and Jukebox a forever home — together. Meanwhile, Agatha and Jukebox are doing their part to make potential adopters who happen to stroll by their kennel fall in love with them.

“We’re just looking for a home that’s going to appreciate them as much as we do,” Hassen-Auerbach said. “They’re like doggy TV for us. When any of us are having a hard day or feeling down, we just go watch Agatha and Jukebox together and you feel happier.”

Agatha and Jukebox can be adopted together or separately. However, we hope that they can find a happy home together. If you want to adopt them and you live in Pima County, you are encouraged to stop by the shelter. Potential out-of-state adopters can send a letter of interest to: [email protected]

This story proves that you can meet the love of your life in the most unexpected of places. Please share this story and don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in comments.

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