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10+ Times Cats Had Us Grinning From Ear To Ear

#11 “What are you doing, human? This is not my fur!”

#12 This is why Jesus hasn’t returned… he can’t move till the cat wakes up.

#13 “I sprained my ankle, so my cat decided to elevate her paws in solidarity.”

#14 “My sister took her cat for a walk last Fall. We still don’t know if he was enjoying himself…”

#15 This cat shows you the right way to use chair holes.

#16 “Don’t know if I got a bat or a cat…”

#17 The face of regret

#18 “Apparently, my rug has eyes.”

#19 “My friend’s cat got its head stuck in a vase, freaked out, broke the vase, and was left with this.”

#20 “The neighbor’s cat, curious about our fake raven.”

#21 New neighbors

Which one on our list will turn out to be your favorite? Feel free to let us know in comments.

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