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Man Creates Indoor Fake Tree For A Cat, And The Master Approves Of It

Meet Robert Rogalski, an artist who is whimsical art enraptures. He was born and grew up in the countryside of western New York near the city of Rochester. By using his vivid imagination, he turned the land around his family home into an enchanted world.

Despite being diagnosed as dyslexic at an early age, he worked hard to overcome his difficulties with reading and soon began to read at his pleasure. Thankfully, his family encouraged and supported to develop his artistic talents.

After a childhood spent conquering his academic struggles with his creative drive, in 1993 he was awarded a full-tuition scholarship to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh PA, where he studied Special Effects for film and graduated with a degree in Industrial Design.

Robert teaches art to inner city school children, as well as designs and exhibits for Renaissance festivals, storefronts, theatrical events, and dance companies. Rob’s work not only pleases people who love art but also found some fans in the feline world too. He created an incredible ‘tree’ installation that is just perfect for adventurous kitties. It was made at a friend’s house over the course of a summer.

“First I design and build to the specific needs of the location, and my clients,” Rob told Bored Panda. “Each tree is different, it is an organic process.”

“For Permanent Installations, like cat trees, furniture, beds, reading nooks, etc. I start by constructing a wooden armature, to give structure, then I attaché, then carve sheets or blocks of foam that are then covered with a paper pulp/particle clay.”

“That is then mixed with heavy duty wood glue.. (or even fiberglass resin, but I prefer not to use fiberglass) This is extremely durable.”

“Because of the time and the labor involved in making something like this, I charge a minimum of $4000 to $4500,” Rob explains. “This doesn’t include the cost for supplies, that are paid for by my client separately. The total amount is contingent on size, and extras added. The material needs vary from job-to-job and time spent.”

This tree installation is one of a kind, custom designed, and built on location, so if you’d like one yourself, you should invite Rob over!

More info: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

h/t: Bored Panda

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