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Seeing The Friend Cat About To Fight, The Dog Reacts In Super Funny Way

Not only human, animals also have feelings and relationships with others. There’s so many cases when dogs and cats save people’s lives out of danger. That’s why we should have them as our pets they are our best friends.

In the short clip below, a cat wearing a leash prowls slowly and menacingly an even bigger and even more menacing looking cat. A golden retriever saw the angry cat preparing to fight with neighbor cat, he knew that nothing good can result if the two cats start to fight. The dog immediately rushed to stop his friend from the serious battle, he gently picked up the cat and brought it back to his family

What do you think of the dog pulling the cat from the fight? Let us know in the comments.

A cat wearing a leash prowls slowly and menacingly an even bigger and even more menacing looking cat.

The cat was about to fight with his neighbor.

The dog hurried to pick his friend back to their safe place.

“Let’s go home buddy, there’s no good at fighting at all!”

Watch the funny video below!

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