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10+ Cats Who Absolutely Don’t Give A Damn

Cats are adorable and we love them. But sometimes they can act so indifferent towards everything, that it will make you go crazy! We have compiled a list of such moments where the cats act like they don’t give a fuck about whats happening around them or how hard their human is trying to make them happy. Check these out and don’t forget to comment!

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#1 This cat who doesn’t care if you’re sleeping…

#2 This cat who doesn’t care about where the baby is, it just wants this place to sleep.

#3 This attention-seeker wouldn’t care if you’re doing something important.

#4 This cat  simply doesn’t give a damn that you have to pack your lunch. It just wont come out.

#5 I wanted to take a picture of my baby, but my cat just doesn’t care and ruined the photo.

#6 “Ugh. Hooman, I’m so not amused.”

#7 This fearless cat. Ain’t afraid of any watermelon…

#8 This cat is caged, but it just wanna have fun.

#9 It’s busy and wants no disturbance.

#10 This cat knows that it’s about to fall, but it’s too cool to panic.

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