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17 Owners Who Love Nothing More Than Snuggling Up To Their Fluffy Dogs

So why dogs are listed as furry creatures on this Planet? That’s because of their long soft hair! Along with sweet looks, cute and funny behaviors, this is also a reason why we love these fluffy friends so much. However, it is important to know that different dogs have different hair patterns. While some of the dogs look so attractive with their beautifully colored fur, some others are owning fluffy hair.

This Reddit community is a place where proud owners are showing their furry dogs. We have chosen seventeen pictures of these fluffy cute sweethearts to show you today. Promise! Seeing pictures of owners hugging their dogs will fill your heart with love and cheer your day! Don’t believe that? Let’s check it out!

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#1. “Introducing my first Samoyed pup Theo! She is very fluffy, soft, and sweet!”

Image source: azurecloud101

#2. What a sheepie girl! Hugging her must be so satisfying😍😍

Image source: LaineyBoggz

#3. “Bunsen (our Berner) now has a little sister named Beaker. I love both of my furry friends”

Image source: zedscience1

#4. “Zuko Is dabbing still a thing Cos I can do it now”

Image source: VeraHeinz9

#5. “Phoenyx is so squessy”

Image source: phoenyxthefluff

#6. “My sleepy cloud!”

Image source: Marshallfluff

#7. “That is 90% floof, 10% dog, and 100% adorable.”

#8. “This fluff ball thoroughly enjoyed her breezy boat ride.”

Image source: kirwiniantheory

#9.”Hello there :)!”

Image source: Buffyferry

#10. This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and it made my day!

#11. This is absolutely a flying fluff!

Image source: Hospoki

#12. “Reddit, meet Gandalf 🙂 He is our first collie so any and all advice is much appreciated!”

Image source: imnochumbawumba

#13.”Odin, my fluffy boy, loves me so much. I love him too!”

Image source: AmberStardustPhoenix

#14. This baby looks so adorable in the long back hair!

Image source: Space-Ball1

#15. “Dis ma best friend!! @happymilobear”

Image source: pinkjello48

#16. I also want to hug him!

Image source: MisterWoodhouse

#17.”This is my best lap bear”

Image source: JoeMagician

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