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17 Pets Who Don’t Know How To Act Like Ladies And Gentlemen

People often talk about the ‘code of conduct’ – rules to help a person behave properly in different situations. Among these important rules that are socially accepted, there is one telling us to always respect other people by saying “please”  and “thank you.”  If we weren’t taught about that and act impolitely, other people might get bothered or even angry at our behaviors. Likewise, pets, who don’t need to be trained to sit and give us their paws, sometimes don’t know to become good boys or girls.

Here are seventeen moments that pets owners have shared about their ‘bad’ furry friends. We hope that these pictures will become a great source of entertainment for you and your family. Let’s scroll down and enjoy them. Have a nice day!

#1. “Get a brother, it will be fun they said…..Priest face says it all 🤣🤣🤣

Image source: thebullydistrict

#2. “I’ve got a very rude cat named Lizard and he doesn’t care about his new sister”

Image source: princessjacy0212

#3.”My dog wants to steal food from me!!”

Image source: Wise-Quack

#4.”Lucy and Gaga always fight with each other like this. It will take time for them to get along well with each other”

Image source: fujitakeout

#5. “Can someone please tell me why my dog does this to me?!”

#6. Shhhh…act politely friend!

Image source: albus_sausagedore

#7.”I am sorryyyyyyy, OK?”

Image source: hamishandwalter

#8.”My mom’s cat has no shame…”

Image source: Snafuball

#9.”I am not sitting in the wrong position. It’s him who lies in the wrong spot”

Image source: Partyingmanbear

#10.”OK, then, I won’t follow the direction

Image source: sharkbait_oohaha

#11.”Let me see whether it’s hot…”

Image source: Pedrica1

#12. “What I get for trying to save him from the landlord’s doggo”

Image source: CyanideAddictionXXX

#13. “To the cheese store, Jeeves, and make it snappy.”

Image source: jmxdf

#14.”Do I care that I’m standing on mom’s hair? Nope! Does she? Yup! Too bad… “

Image source: heykirbydog

#15.”She knows he hates him and likes to rub it in his face.”

Image source: windshadowislanders

#16.”Mommy… I have already opened your amazon package. That was okay, right? 😈😛🐶”

Image source: hudson.river.aussies

#17.”If at first you don’t succeed… try again!”

Credit: saywee123

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