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23 Times People Tell Their Pet’s Crimes On The Internet And Bring Jokes To Everyone

Dog owners always have thousands of reasons why these furry friends are the funniest creatures on Earth. Yes, I agree that dogs can be a great source of entertainment for their humans. However, owning them sometimes can put the owners into situations they have no idea how to deal with.

The subreddit r/dogshaming is a place where animal lovers and dog owners will find thousands of laughs and joy after hours of stressful work. People are sharing the most hilarious moments of their pets being caught while committing unforgettable crimes. In some cases, the dogs even embarrass their owners for what they have done. Today, we have chosen the twenty-three funniest photos, and we would like to show them to you. Hopefully, you will have a great time laughing over these lovely friends and their innocence. Enjoy!

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#1. “Holly keeps trying to look innocent after chomping on my hands”

Image: Shoe-Stir

#2. “I’m sorry for my over-curiosity!”

Image: KeagAhChu

#3. “When mom leaves the house”

Image: peepyparrot

#4. “He deserved the tummy ache!”

Image: glumgrrrl

#5. “Stinkpot stole my show off the top shelf and destroyed it while I was in the shower. Then she stole my mother’s shoe while writing this post.”

Image: Shoe-Stir

#6. “I’m not even sorry.”

Image: daisiesandink

#7. “She destroyed her own bed and didn’t say anything when we blamed the puppy.”

Image: Shugyosha

#8. “He has no regrets”

Image: DreadRabbit

#9. “I have nothing to say”


#10. “She just looks guilty, flowerbeds were ruined 😠 🌸”

Image: highimjadexo

#11. “I ate a piece of thread for breakfast, and it was attached to a needle. Eventually I pooped it out after racking up vet bills.”

Image: visuals_of_substance

#12. “My name is Bindle and I was caught eating pillow fluff…”

Image: RaccoonTramp

#13. “He tore down the whole green garden fence that took forever to put up”

Image: phoneslime

#14. “I ate unripe peaches and the was confused why I had an upset stomach. (I’m fine, just gassy)”

Image: StormofRavens

#15. “Perhaps The Orphan’s worst crime?”

Image: anorphan4yourthots

#16.  It looks like he knows what he has done was wrong. Please don’t be so tough with him!

Image: StormofRavens

# 17. ““You got no proof man… Nada… Nothing… Zero…”

Image: kympro9

#18. ““I was minding my own business when the screen door just EXPLODED! I’m lucky to be alive!”

Image: bluegrassmommy

#19. “Hazel uncorked a bottle of mead so she and her brother could lick it up.”

Image: EMTPirate

#20. “You gotta love your dogs no matter what!”

Image: DaliaTen

#21. “I was just harvesting it for you”

Image: valkyriae

#22. “Supreme Leader Kylo Solo Ren got out while I was bringing in the groceries. Luckily I found him down the street.”

Image: RoraRayne

#23. “Doggo always avoids bedtime by hiding underneath our furniture. Her favorite is behind the couch.”

Image: statwizards

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