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What It Would Look Like If The Cast Of Lord Of The Rings Were Dogs?

Have you ever thought about what famous characters of Lord of the Rings would look like if they suddenly had fluffy ears and a tail? And in order to help people imagine this, a user known as Lady K shared some photos online and they quickly went viral. She picked out dogs that look the most like the characters from Lord of the Rings – one of the most popular fantasy movies ever.

When asked about how she came up with this idea, Lady K shared, “I think someone said an Afghan hound looked like Saruman, and it prompted the rest.”

Here are 18 famous characters and 18 adorable dogs that look just like them. Scroll down to check for yourself!

More info: twitter.com | Instagram

#1 Gandalf The Gray

#2 Gollum

#3 Saruman

#4 Samwise Gamgee

#5 Galadriel

#6 Aragorn

#7 Merry And Pippin

#8 Gimli

#9 Faramir

#10 Boromir

#11 Legolas

#12 Elrond

#13 Éowyn

#14 Éomer

#15 Frodo Baggins

#16 Éowyn And Faramir

#17 Elfs

#18 Arwen

What do you think of these photos? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments and don’t forget to choose your favorite pics!

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