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15 Crafty Cats Who Love Nothing More Than Stealing Food From Their Owners

It’s sometimes the most difficult to understand cats. These lovely creatures might purr and beg for a scratch behind the ears, and move to their scheming ways when we turn our back. Many people agree that cats have many weird hobbies, one of which is stealing food from owners. If you are owning a cat,  it is likely you have consumed something that your cat has either licked or stepped on or chewed up. Although we know they have done such a bad thing, we can’t get mad at these adorable thieves. One piece of advice for you is that you should be mindful when your pet puts its paws on human food. Cat stomach is sensitive to strange food, or, sometimes, their favorite food, like milk. We hope you are well aware of it so you can protect your pets.

Here we have collected 15 moments of cats stealing human food. Hopefully, you will enjoy these funny pictures and start your day with joy! Let’s scroll over, and see for yourself! Leave us a comment if you think this article is interesting to you!

#1. “Oh, uhmm…. it tastes good ????”

Image: boinkish

#2. “Sometimes I let her steal a treat because she deserves it.”


#3. “Guess I’m in cat heaven now????”

Image: -N3ptun3-

#4. What a skillful thief!

Credit: zyxzevn

#5. She is an egg thief????????

Image: GrimalKin_Seamless

#6. “This is mine!”

Image: shortyk173

#7. “If at first you don’t succeed… try again!”

Credit: saywee123

#8. “I love it. I want to eat it”

Image: _breezyh

#9. “Bread is my favorite food!”

Credit: Thund3rbolt

#10. “What smells so good? Gimme some!”

Image: supercake53

#11. “This is my wet food now”

Image: lumidaye

#12. “Thanks for the food. I love it!”

Credit: 5_Frog_Margin

#13. “Wow, it smells good. I guess this is for me? “

Image: New-Wind-1566


Credit: lmabee

#15. “Mama, I want some…”

Image: supercake53


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