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Artist Draws Classical-Style Oil Paintings That Show The True Royalty Of Cats

Meet Tohukiro Kawai, a surrealist contemporary artist from Japan, who is famous for his regal cat paintings. By getting inspiration from the Renaissance style of painterly technique, Tohukiro creates the oil paintings of royal cats look both majestic and kingly. Not only do his drawings bring spectators a unique visual style full of myths, but they also take them into the world of wonderful things.

“Kawai approaches to work on the now fragile bond between story and picture to bring the two into reunion. Since gods and faith are less related to our modern society, Kawai complements the theme with his own imagination,” the artist’s official page reads. “Kawai’s painting is always an illustration without chapters with classical technique portraying a story of modern lives.”

Here are 11 of Tahukiro Kawai’s beautiful oil paintings of regal felines. Scroll down to enjoy! We are sure that these paintings will put a smile on your face.












If you love Kawai’s drawings, you can follow him on Instagram or Website. Please share these paintings with your friends and family members!

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