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10+ Proud And Prolific Fur-Moms Who Show Us Parent’s Happiness Comes From Their Children

Normally, dogs can give birth to 5-6 puppies in a litter, and cats have an average number of 3-5 kittens. What if the number of newborn cats and dogs doubles or even triples the average? Of course, fur-moms will have to overcome a longer, harder journey to give birth to their children. Nursing cats and dogs need to be mentally prepared that they are going to be a very busy mom.

However, as people often say “the more babies, the merrier”, having many children can be the best gift to any parent. These proud fur-moms feel so happy with their babies because their children are their lives. They have gone through many dangers and risks in birth-giving time to welcome the puppies and kittens.

Now, let’s take time to congratulate the following brave mom cats and dogs who have the most babies ever!

#1. The first mom on our list is Miley. Vet says she is going to have 3 puppies – she has a record-breaking litter of 18. Can you see how happy she is to have more babies than expected?

Image: Rumble 

#2. Then, we have Versa and her 15 healthy kids!

Image: mizzou_sucks

#3. Ella was happy to welcome her twelve puppies!

Image: ridgevalleydoradoodles

#4. This is Bessie. She was a stray dog, and a mother of twelve. She loves all her kids because they mean the whole world to her!

Image: The Dodo

#5. Can you how many children does Berta have?

Image: berta_dengyldnehund

#6. Beagle is a busy mom, but she is a lucky mom as well!

Image: ume_ume_ume114

#7. “It’s a miracle! My cat has 10 kittens!”

Image: Muzahid_Islam

#8. “Yesterday, I became an older brofur! My furmum gave birth to ten little nuggets and I have 5 half-sisfur and 5 half-brofur 😍”

Image: mrflawlesscookie

#9. Such a lucky mom! Notice how she looks at her babies with loving eyes!

Image: QQueenie 

#10. Such a huge family!

Image: Reddit

#11.  Raeah has welcomed her puppies who look like her a lot. She loves all of them!

Image: raeah_the_presa



#12. This mom cat has an impressive number of kitten, seven!

Image: kitrinas_fosters

#13.”Little Red is a 4 year old pit bull. She had 10 puppies yesterday! Congrats to the mama, babies and their fearless foster! “

Image: aforeverhome


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