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Vibrant Orangey-Yellow Face And Reddish-Brown Legs, Red-Shanked Douc Is One Of The Most Colorful Primate On The Planet

Red-Shanked Douc is known as one of the most colorful primates on the planet. It has a vibrant orangey-yellow face and reddish-brown neck and legs. These are quite rare in the community of primates.

This species is also conspicuous with white whiskers and forearms, creating a striking contrast with its black and gray fur over the body. Some people think that they jump out from books but they do exist in the wild.

Along with gorgeous fur, these animals make a name for their unique tails. It reaches up to 2.5 feet and has a specific white fur triangle around the bottom.

Native to certain parts of Asia, Red-Shanked Douc primates can be found in Vietnam and Cambodia. Their name means “Five-Colored Macaque” in the Vietnamese language.

They prefer living in groups on the treetops where they seek leaves, flowers, buds, seeds, and fruit for food. It’s rare to see these animals on the ground.

However, Red-Shanked Douc’s population has dramatically fallen due to habitat loss.

Another reason that leads to the loss of this unique species is poaching. They are considered an excellent ingredient in traditional medicine.

If we, humans, want the next generations to see this special primate, we should take action to protect them.

H/T: Kingdomstv

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