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Photographer Captures Ladies With Their Cats To Debunk The Crazy Cat Lady Stereotype

If you are a big fan of Paws Planet, we are sure that you will remember BriAnne Wills, the fashion and beauty photographer based in Brooklyn. The New York photographer captures women and their adorable cat companions in a photographic series. Not only does she capture their beautiful and strong relationship, but she also tells everyone the story of how they met and how their lives changed after living together. She even created a project to encourage the adoption of cats and to get rid of the stereotype of crazy cat ladies. Besides, through these photos, she wants to showcase cat-owning women in a positive light.

In our previous post, we shared some 16 photos of ladies and their cats, so in this post, we decided to gather the newest pics to share with you. Scroll down to enjoy! If you want to know more about BriAnne Wills and her work, you can read our previous post here.

More info: Instagram | girlsandtheircats.com | girlsandtheircats.com

#1 Hollie And Beetle In Williamsburg

#2 GG DeFiebre And Gizmo

“Gizmo is the more outgoing cat. He’s incredibly smart and food motivated. I have to hide their treats in the fridge because Gizmo will find a way to open the bag and eat them all. He is also a lap cat. Gizmo will spend almost all day on my lap if he can. He likes sitting on other people’s laps, but only if their lap has a pillow on it. Cosmo is much more easygoing and doesn’t like to sit on laps but will do anything for pets. He does a “dolphin dive” to reach your hand for pets if you put it above his head. He has the loudest purr and is always ready to be loved. He has had a few health scares including a urinary blockage, and once he accidentally ate ibuprofen (which is incredibly dangerous!) but was a giant sweetheart even during those stressful vet visits.

I work from home, so I very much appreciate having the boys with me as my cat coworkers. I imagine the work-from-home life would be very lonely without them. Even though that often involves having someone sleeping on my desk and trying to walk on my keyboard, I don’t know what I would do without my giant 12-year-old gingermuffins.”

#3 Maggie Freleng, Daisy, And Bandit

#4 Aisha Awadallah And Alexander The Great

#5 Dana Boyer

“We have a ritual that we like to do when I get home – I’ll lay on the couch and he’ll jump on me and snuggle into my chest for pets and purrs like a madman. We’ll stay like that until he’s had enough and then I can carry on with my day. It’s the best end of a workday therapy I can think of and if we don’t do “the thing” he follows me around until I make time for it.

I’m sure everyone says this but he’s honestly my best companion- when I’ve had a rough day or I’m not feeling well or I’m going to bed- all I can think about is getting into bed with him. He’s really taught me so much about showing up and having a pet, even when it’s inconvenient or annoying. It’s a very grounding experience and I’m kind of obsessed with him.”

#6 Jen Hsieh Is A Production Manager Who Currently Resides In Astoria, Queens

#7 Kyla Burton And Her Kittens

“Growing up in South Florida, we had hamsters, rabbits, and dogs. Calvin is my first owned cat. While I learned how to care for kittens through orientation classes, in all honesty, firsthand experience, and mentoring from my fellow rescuers has been the greatest teacher. I love fostering and helping cats find their forever homes through my role as an adoptions counselor. I am also TNR (trap/neuter/return) certified and passionate about spaying and neutering community cats. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀

I am grateful for Calvin, the catalyst and inspiration for my advocacy work. I encourage people to support their local rescue groups by donating, fostering, adopting, or volunteering.”

#8 Amy Mills And Walter

#9 Sammy Rat Rios And Rasmus

#10 Emelia And Olive In Sunset Park

“I adopted Olive as a therapy cat. My dad was sick, and I knew having a pet would bring a lot of love and comfort to that stressful time in my life. Olive was abused as a kitten and was scared of everyone (except me!). We were instantly good together.

I couldn’t decide on a name for my then shy kitten, and I called up my dad who rattled off a bunch of creative ideas. When he suggested “Olive” I knew right away it totally fit her cute personality. Now, though still temperamental, she is a sweetheart and is always curious and loving. My dad passed away a year later, and it brings me such comfort to know she carries a little bit of his memory with her name.”

#11 Baby Sarah

#12 Jas Anokye And Figgaro

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