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10+ Of The Cats That Bring Unexpected Gifts For Their Humans

#21 My cat steals my neighborhood kid’s toys and presents them to me.

#22 This cat brings me pair of socks from my sister’s room.

#23 My cat brought me this threads-mess as a morning gift.

#24 Every time I let her out for a walk, she brings me random things.

#25 This is a hummingbird, alive and healthy. My cat brought me this.

#26 My cat brought me this moth of a color that I’ve never seen before!

#27 This is what my cat brought me today…

#28 My cat keeps stealing my roommates stuff and brings it to me. This time I got a free sports bra!

#29 Another sponge!!

#30 My cat brought me this cute little bunny.

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