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Meet The American Goldfinch, A Strikingly Beautiful Bird With Gorgeous Lemon Yellow Plumage

I just love lemons, almost everything of them, from zest to juice. Its bright yellow can always grasp our eyes and spread some breezes of summer. What will happen if this yellow shade is applied to a bird’s plumage? It becomes so gorgeous and comes to the center of attention whenever they appear.

Image Credits: JD / CC BY 2.0

The American goldfinch is one of these strikingly beautiful birds. It puts on a brilliant bright yellow coat and a jaunty jet black cap, making it conspicuous in nature.

Image Credits: Peter Swaine / CC BY 2.0

This bird also has black wings with white stripes, a pink bill, and a white rump.

Watch the video of this yellow bird below.

Like many other species, female American goldfinch birds are duller than males. Most of their bodies are covered with a brown color, along with a yellow belly and bib. Their shoulders and tails are in a dull black with buff-colored, too.

Image Credits: Šarūnas Burdulis / CC BY 2.0

Young birds have a dull brown back with a pale yellow belly.

The small North American bird in the finch is a migrant bird. They fly to North Carolina for breeding. During the winter months, they range from south of the Canada-United States border to Mexico.

Image Credits: USFWS Mountain-Prairie / CC BY 2.0

There is an interesting fact about this finch. The male transforms into a brilliant lemon yellow when the spring is over. Its beak also turns into a bright shade of orange during this time. The female birds do, too.

Image Credits: Ken Thomas – KenThomas.us / Public Domain

The American goldfinch prefers living in an open country such as fields, meadows, flood plains, roadsides, orchards, and rural gardens.

These birds are known as the strictest vegetarians in the world of birds. Their diets are seeds for a wide variety of annual plants, often seeds from weeds, grasses, and trees. They also feed on leaf buds, maple sap, and berries.

Image Credits: Ian Lee / CC BY 2.0

When the breeding season begins, male American goldfinches helps the female build their nests. This nest is around 33 feet from the ground and made from bark, weeds, vines, and grass, lined with milkweed, thistle, and or cattail.

Image Credits: California Department of Fish and Wildlife / CC BY 2.0

Female birds then lay 4-6 eggs in their nests and incubate them for 12-14 days without the help of the male. They then feed the hatchlings for 11-15 days until fully pledged.

Image Credits: sugoipix / CC BY 2.0

Currently, the population of the American goldfinch is quite stable.

If you love their eye-searing lemon-yellow plumage, just share the article with your family and friends.

H/T: One Big Birdcage

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