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Meet New Zealand Kaka, A Striking Parrot With Brown Plumage Decked With Green Grey, Orange, And Scarlet

There are many strikingly beautiful parrots in nature. Mother nature seemed to favor these creatures, gifting them gorgeous plumage. That’s why they can certainly stand out from the crowd.

Image Credits: Rosino – the colorful kākā Uploaded by Snowmanradio / CC BY-SA 2.0

The New Zealand Kaka is among these stunning species. The medium-sized parrot has a beautiful brown plumage decked with flashes of orange and scarlet under the wings. Its neck and belly also have these gorgeous feathers, making it more conspicuous.

Take a closer look at their photos, you will find their greyish-white forehead and crown.

Image Credits: Instagram/cultphos

The New Zealand Kaka is a parrot in the Nestoridae family. It’s endemic to New Zealand and inhabits lowland and mid-altitude forests. But this spectacular bird is also found in offshore reserves such as Kapiti Island and Codfish Island.

Watch the video of this parrot below.

These bird’s main diets are fruits, seeds, berries, buds, nectar, and invertebrates.

Image Credits: Kate Macbeth / CC BY-SA 4.0

When the breeding season starts (late winter), female Kaka parrots build their nests in hollow trees. They then lay 2 – 4 eggs in the nest and incubate them. Unlike many other species, the male Kaka joins female birds in feeding and taking care of the hatchlings.

Image Credits: Instagram/judi.lapsley.miller

There has been a great decline in the population of this parrot due to habitat loss. The presence of introduced species also threatens this parrot. Currently, the New Zealand Kaka is listed as endangered.

Image Credits: Instagram/suzannemarsh2

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H/T: One Big Birdcage

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