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Meet Yellow-faced Myna, An Unmistakable Bird With Black Plumage And Yellowish-orange Mask

Black plumage can be charismatic. The black color comes in different shades and pairs perfectly with most colors appearing on the bird’s coat. Not just that, these dark feathers can also create a striking contrast with bright colored ones, making the birds stand out from the crowd.

Image Credits: Instagram/michael.chim

The yellow-faced myna is one of these stunning birds. Most of its body is covered with black feathers, black glossed with purple, and black glossed with green.

Another feature that makes this species unmistakable is the yellowish-orange mask. Most of the face is yellowish-orange with a glossy purplish-blue stripe running at the middle of the face and around its mouth. This bird’s belly also has bright yellow feathers.

Image Credits: http://www.birdphotos.com / CC BY 3.0

Image Credits:  Instagram/pd_wildlifephotography

Noticeably, the starling in the Sturnidae family has yellow a bill and legs.

You can watch the video of this bird below.

The gorgeous yellow-faced myna is endemic to Papua New Guinea. They distribute on the mainland of the country and many of the offshore islands.

Image Credits: Instagram/perriperriscope

These birds can be also found on the southeastern coast of mainland New Guinea at altitudes of up to around 2,600 feet.

They inhabit the rainforest, on the fringes of the forest, partially cut areas, and secondary growth.

Image Credits: Instagram/draco975

Regarding the diets, the yellow-faced myna feeds on berries and fruit. But they sometimes hunt small invertebrates and insects.

Image Credits: Instagram/michael.chim

During the meeting season, female birds use twigs to build their nests. These nests are placed in holes and crevices in trees well above the ground. They lay 1-2 eggs in the nest, incubate them, and feed the hatchlings until fully fledged.

Image Credits: Bernard Spragg. NZ / Public domain

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H/T: One Big Birdcage

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