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40-Ton Humpback Whale Spotted Breaching Completely Out Of The Water Off The Coast Of Mbotyi, Indian Ocean

It’s great to attend a sightseeing tour off the shore. By doing so, you can explore the marine life of the beach that you visit. If you are lucky, you may witness and spot a once-in-a-lifetime scene. A giant whale that breaches completely out of the water, for instance.

A scuba diver named Craig Capehart got that luck. The man saw a 40-ton whale leap entirely out of the water off the coast of Mbotyi in the Indian Ocean.

Craig was astonished at the first few seconds but he immediately caught the scene on video.

“It seems that never before has a recording been made of an adult humpback whale leaping entirely out of the water! A very rare event, indeed,” he wrote.

Watch the amazing video below.

The whale captured in the video is an adult humpback whale, one of the largest animals to ever exist. It can weigh around 36,000 kg – the same weight as an adult elephant.

Regarding the breach of the whale, it is thought to be signal competition between males or a method of long-distance communication. There is no exact explanation now.

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H/T: Kingdomstv

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