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Sika Deer Spotted Enjoying Cherry Blossoms In An Empty Japanese Park

I agree that many wild animal photos can leave us, humans, in awe and bring us peace in mind. These shots are so pure and beautiful as photographers capture the right moment of them.

Recently, Kazuki Ikeda, a Japanese photographer snapped beautiful pictures of Sika deer enjoying cherry blossoms in an empty Nara park.

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If you are searching for something positive in this time of uncertainty, these photos will be an excellent choice.

After the photographer shared these photos is social media accounts, they went viral. People can’t get enough of the landscaping scene. He wrote:

“The pandemic is exhausting the hearts of people all over the world,” the photographer said.

“I hope this video makes people around the world feel at ease”.

Actually, Kazuki Ikeda didn’t aim to snap photos of the deer. He was running a shot for a couple before their wedding. But a herd of deer suddenly appeared in front of his lens, and the man grasped his chance.

If the couple were the original focus of the shots, the deer later would be in the spotlight.

Thanks to Kazuki Ikeda, we got stunning photos to raise our mood on uncertain days.

Nara Park is famous for its population of Sika deer.

Last March, these deer left the park and roamed in the streets looking for food when locals were engaged with social distancing.

Now, they get back in the park and off the streets to enjoy cherry blossoms.

If you love these beautiful photos of the deer and Nara park during the cherry-blossoming season, just share this post with your friends.

H/T: Boredpanda

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