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Regent Honeyeater, A Striking Yellow-Flecked Bird That Is Critically Endangered

The regent honeyeater is a distinctive bird. It wears a beautiful black coat flecked with yellow, making it conspicuous in nature. Their dark eyes are even surrounded by yellowish wary bare skin.

Take a closer look at these photos, you can find yellow feathers on black wings and tail. This yellow shade is brighter and more eye-catching than that on their body. They look so gorgeous with their plumage, right?

The male and female regent honeyeaters are quite similar. Female birds are smaller than males with a bare yellowish patch under the eye instead of a ring. It’s interesting that young birds look like the females, though they are browner and have a paler bill.

This bird species used to live in wooded areas of eastern Australia but their population has dramatically fallen. One of the main reasons for the rapid decrease is the recent Australian bushfires.

This stunning bird is listed as a critically endangered species on the IUCN Red List.

Watch the video of the Regent honeyeater below.

Regent honeyeater’s diets are nectar from eucalyptus, and mistletoe tree species. They also feed on native and cultivated fruits, and a variety of insects.

During the breeding season (between August and January), female honeyeaters build their cup-shaped nest and lay 2-3 eggs in. These nests are at risk of being attacked by predators.

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