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Grey-Chinned Minivet, A Stunning Chubby Bird With Lovely Contrast Between Males And Females

The grey-chinned minivet is distinctive. These cute chubby birds have a dark gray head, a pale gray chin, blackish wings with bright orange comma-shaped slashes, and bright orange underparts.

The females look exactly the same male birds (described above), except for a yellow belly and bright yellow slashes on the wings. Just look at these lovely contrasts, you can definitely recognize a his and hers bird.

Grey-chinned minivets are a species of bird in the Campephagidae family. They distribute from the eastern foothills of the Himalayas down through to northeastern India, southern China, mainland Southeast Asia, into Sumatra and Borneo.

These birds inhabit the montane forest, up to an elevation of around 3,300-6,600 feet. They are commonly found in the broadleaf forest, and also in coniferous forest, elfin forest, and secondary forest. They sometimes choose to live in forest edges and gardens with trees.

Normally, minivet birds gather and live in a small group of fewer than 15 birds. But they sometimes form larger flocks of dozens of birds. They seek invertebrates in the canopy for food.

The breeding season of this bird species is between February and April.

The male grey-chinned minivets bring a flower to their mate. If female birds accept, they will touch the flower with their beak.

After finding their mates, both males and females build their nest made of a branch or fork of a tree. There is one thing interesting that these birds add lichen to their nest for camouflage. Male birds will help the females feed the chicks until they are fully-fledged.

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