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Meet The Orange-breasted Fruiteater, A Striking Bird With Charismatic Plumage Of Black, Orange, Yellow And Green

I agree that there are many extraordinary colorful birds in nature. They were a unique coat of different shades of colors, making them conspicuous wherever they appear. Noticeably, these colors combine harmoniously and beautifully. You can never keep your eyes off these creatures if you spot them in real life.

Image Credits: Francesco Veronesi / CC BY-SA 2.0

The orange-breasted fruiteater is among these strikingly beautiful birds. It has a glossy black head, orange throat and chest, yellow belly, and green upperparts. The orange bill and yellow eyes are also what make it stand out.

Image Credits: Instagram/_samirjobanbirds

You can watch the video of this bird below.

The male and female have subtle differences but they still look quite similar. The female’s feet are black and her eyes are also paler than that of the male.

Image Credits:  Instagram/moritori_glay

Orange-breasted fruiteaters are endemic to the foothills and slopes on the western side of the Andes in South America. They distribute from southwestern Colombia to southwestern Ecuador.

Image Credits:  Instagram/steve.j.russell

As the name may suggest, these birds mainly feed on fruit.

Image Credits: Instagram/tonyjaramillo_photography

During the breeding season, the female builds her nest around 16 feet above ground.

Image Credits: nstagram/steve.j.russell

Currently, the population of the orange-breasted fruiteater is quite stable.

Image Credits: Instagram/rafyrodriguezphotography

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H/T: One Big Birdcage

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