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Tiny Bird Snapped On Camera Using A Flower Petal As Her Bathtub

To any wildlife photographer, nothing is better than capturing special moments of wild animals. Even when they hunt for these, they might not happen. It must be a perfect coincidence and more than that, great luck. If you have an opportunity to witness once-in-a-lifetime scenes in your life, make sure that you take it.

Rahul Singh, a wildlife photographer got that luck. He spotted a tiny sunbird using a flower petal as her bathroom in the early morning. The man got stunned and all people on the Internet do, too.

“This was really a once-in-a-lifetime moment,” Rahul said

Rahul has captured different wild animals including elephants, deer, jackals, monkeys, and rhinos. But his passion is birds. He desires to do amazing shots of these beautiful flying gems.

And now, his dream comes true.

When he approached bushes of these ornamental bananas to take photos of sunbirds, he discovered a miraculous scene.

A cute tiny crimson sunbird was taking a bath in the flower petal filled with water.

Rahul was shocked at first but immediately grasped this priceless opportunity. He took out his camera and snapped beautiful moments of the tiny bird.

“I was literally stunned to see this unusual behavior, I kept my camera’s shutter button pressed as the bird took her bath,” he said.

It seems that the mini songbird made use of the water stored in the flower petal to cool down on a hot day.

Nature is amazing. These pure photos can heal. If you are looking for something positive during uncertain days, just give them a look.

These beautiful photos went viral after Rahul posted them onto his Instagram. People are mesmerized by this magical moment.

Let’s share this article with your family and friends. They will surely boost your mood on Friday!

H/T: Kingdomstv

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