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20+ Photos That Prove Happiness Can Be Measured In A Pet

It’s always great to get a pet (or more) at home. We love all of them, including their odds and “weird” and actions. Maybe, you find it hard to explain their odds for the first time but day by day living with them will make you accept and love these. Their sassy actions and “petty” crimes can even bring you a lot of fun. When my dog was trying to steal a slice of pizza on the dining table and was caught on the spot, he looked at me with his innocent eyes and miserable face. I bursted out laughing immediately, forgave, and gave him one.

Here are 24 photos that prove happiness can be measured in a pet. Their smiley face, sassy actions, or cute or hilarious facial expressions has the charisma to make us fall in love with, then feel better. When they run into us and ask for nuddles, this also gives us comfort. I’ve ever seen my dog sitting near my little boy during his timeout. It’s her favorite way to care for her friend. Simple pure things always make sense in life. Let’s scroll down to enjoy!

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1. “I was wondering why my change didn’t come out of the vending machine, so I looked inside the change dispenser.”

2. Trying hard to bite a rainbow!

3. “My sister’s dog likes to sit on the railing like a cat.”

4. “This is my friends’ dog Lance with some fallen tulip petals that he has collected. He carries them one by one to his bed.”

5. They didn’t think anyone was watching.

6. “He literally sits like that, in that area, all the time. What am I missing here?”

7. Someone forgot how to use the door.

8. “My cousin has a kitty and a bearded dragon and they chill together like this all the time.”

9. “This dog loves the snow so much he refuses to come inside when it’s snowing.”

10. “She wouldn’t wake up no matter what was done to her.”

11. Lady Marmalade and her fancy paws

12. That’s a really nice house-cat-plant.

13. Just hanging with the boys.

14. How do we buy this one?

15. He thinks he’s a lap dog.

16. “I don’t have a clue why my dog always looks surprised.”

17. “Teamwork to say hello to the neighbor dog (on the right)”

18. This kitty has eaten too much and just fell down like this to take a nap.

19. “Kiwi the gargoyle. Totally normal.”

20. Cloning is real.

21. “He fell asleep like this.”

22. “I don’t know why, but my cat drowns things. This happens at least every 48 hours.”

23. “He’s desperately trying to say hello from between his tree and the wall.”

24. When your breakfast becomes your best friend:

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