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30 Exciting Adventures Of Pets And Their Owners

16. “You are telling me behind my back?”

17. “Huh? The adventure is like that?”

18. “Just get some fresh air along the way to the destination!”

19. “I just get super excited for the adventure!”

20.”Please help. The wave keeps chasing me!”

21. “How far have we traveled? Are we coming near the destination?”

22. “My mom told me to stay nicely and behave well when on a plane for the trip.”

23. “My dad told to wait for him to buy some stuff for our adventure.”

24. “Yeah, I’m gonna travel somewhere with my parents this weekend!”

25. Get constantly tired after the trip.

26. “Hurry up, bro. I’ve spotted something exciting out there.”

27. “Huh? You say what? We’re almost at the camping place?”

28. “Could you add my favorite toy to the suitcase? I want to bring him with me during the trip.”

29. “Could you hold me for a while for me to take a nap? The weather is perfect to sleep for a while.”

30. “Thank you, dad. I’m happy that you allow me to join the adventure.”

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