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This Dog Gives His Owner Sad Eyes Every Time He Leaves For Work

What will you do when your dog looks at you with sad eyes every time you get to work? Feel so lucky as it touches your heart, right? It’s always great to have fluffy friends who always love and care for us. Although they cannot say, they are masters of stealing humans’ hearts with caring gestures and actions. Teemo is one of these adorable guys who never wants his owner to go to work. He has an irresistible way to distract his owner. Keep scrolling!

Teemo is an adorable 5-year-old lab terrier mix from Taiwan. He went viral after his owner posted cute pics of his sad look when he goes to work. And these successfully steal the hearts of Internet users.

His trick to prevent his owners from leaving for work is so sweet. Who can resist the miserable face of an adorable dog?

Teemo has personalities that make humans around him fall in love with him. His sociable guy always smiles when seeing people. An irresistible way to transmit positive energy.

The good boy also loves waiting for his owner to return. He stops doing everything and sitting by their front door to welcome his owner home. Every time he comes home late than usual, Teemo will give him such a sad look for a while.

Teemo’s manipulation never gets his owner irritated. Instead, it can warm his heart when he’s constantly tired after work. This friend is priceless. Just feel lucky to get him in life.

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