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20+ Adorable Dogs That Will Make You Love At First Sight

Could you say “no” or discipline your dogs when looking at their adorable face and innocent eyes? Maybe not. When your dog asks you for a treat or tells you that it’s time to go for a walk, it can be really hard to resist. Even when they commit “petty” crimes, stealing food on the kitchen countertop, for instance, you may also forgive them. These actions may keep you bursting out laughing, instead. It’s always great to have a dog. A kid and a dog along together always bring your family a lot of fun.

In this post, I’m glad to share 21 adorable dogs that will make you love at first sight. If you are looking for unusual pics of dogs that can steal your heart, these are right up your street. As these photos are captured at different times, they will bring you a lot more understanding of the dogs. Ready to give them a look? Here we go!

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#1 “Nervous cadet reporting for duty”

#2 “I haven’t met my new neighbor yet, but her dogs love me.”

#3 “The best photo of my puppy I will ever take!”

#4 “Last July a stray kitten came into my office, she looked at me like ‘you are my human,’ so I adopted her. Today, this happened. Guess now I’m an owner of another good girl.”

#5 “I’m addicted to taking photos of my 12-week-old Golden.”

#6 “A day at the park!”

#7 You can’t ever be seriously mad with these guys.

#8 “Meet Luke: destroyer of hearts and shoelaces”

#9 “Patient of the day!”

#10 Is this the cutest dog ever?

#11 “My neighbor’s dog likes to stick her head over the wall and look into my backyard.”

#12 “My best friend just got a new family member.”

#13 Sometimes, you need to look at the background! Just look at those eyes!

#14 We had no idea that dogs could flirt.

#15 An adorable little prince

#16 “The best hotel receptionist I’ve ever had”

#17 “Bella, the beautiful Alaskan Malamute”

#18 “Brought this guy home from the shelter today!”

#19 “Don’t you see how thin I am! Feed me now!”

#20 When your dog is prettier than you:

#21 “Am I not cute enough? How about this?”

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