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Cute Fire Station Puppy “Watches” Firefighters Work Out At The Gym

Puppies are a priceless gift that God gives us. These adorable animals fill humans around them with love and happiness every day. Puppies that are professionally trained to do human jobs are no exception. They keep their born cuteness while on the training course, stealing the heart of their humans.

Marshall, a cute Dalmatian pup and the newest member of Ohio’s Seville-Guilford Fire Department is an example.

The adorable little dog is currently being trained to become a certified therapy K-9 specializing in fire prevention training. Marshall lives at the station and gets along well with his coworkers during their long shifts on duty.

Even though Marshall is still small, he has proved to his firefighter colleagues that he is decisive and responsible.

The pup is volunteer to work as a personal trainer (observer) for his coworkers when they work out at the gym. He watches them do it seriously, making them know that no one could be slacking when he on the job.

You can watch the adorable video here.

And, the firefighters are happy with the appearance of their little colleague at the gym. The pup seems to be serious with his new role.

“Sunday night crew working hard to stay in shape! Marshall is helping too! Strong work guys!” the fire department wrote.

Do you love the dedicated little Marshall? If yes, just share it with family and friends. Puppies have the charisma to make humans love all of them.

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