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Abandoned At 5 Months Old Because of His Size, This Pomeranian Dog Is Now A Star On Instagram With 93k Followers

Dogs are truly our best friends. But not all of us treat these adorable friends in the way they deserve. You can find some people out there who are pretty cruel to these animals. This Pomeranian dog experiences the same. The little pup was abandoned by his breeder when he was five months because he was ‘too big to sell.’ Thankfully, a New York artist Kathy Grayson spotted him on Petfinder and immediately adopted him.

Kathy said that she first fell in love with the eyes of Bert. “I flew to Tulsa and drove to the town to pick him up, it was a wonderful adventure. The shelter was sad to see him go, he definitely had gotten some special extra love there,” Grayson told Bored Panda.

Bert is now a star on Instagram with over 93k followers. It means that not only his owner loves him but other people also notice something special about him.
Interestingly, Bert also works as an “art connoisseur” in his owner’s gallery The Hole in his spare time. “I love when people come to the gallery to see Bertie or when they bring their dogs to meet Bertie! The gallery is free and open to the public so come on by and pet him!” said the artist.

More info: bertiebertthepom

Answering about Bert’s incredible social media success, Kathy said: “Bert is a wonderful guy and makes people happy, the internet and social media is built for cute animals, people need an antidote to all the nastiness.”

Let’s scroll down to see adorable pics of Bert!

When Bert was only 5 months old, a dog breeder abandoned him

The reason was that the puppy was ‘too big to sell’

His owner Kathy Grayson spotted the pup on a pet adoption site and brought him to NY where she owns an art gallery

“Bert is very calm and chill, inquisitive and silly”, Kathy says

Now, Bert works as an art connoisseur in Kathy’s art gallery

“I gave him his own Instagram as he was taking over my art gallery page! I need to post paintings and people just wanted to see Bert”

“I love when people come to the art gallery to see Bertie or when they bring their dogs to meet Bertie!

The pup now enjoys living in NY

Bert has over 95k followers on Instagram, and Kathy says she’s not surprised

“Bert is a wonderful guy and makes people happy, the Internet and social media are built for cute animals, people need an antidote to all the nastiness”

He recently turned 5 years old and celebrated his birthday in style

And surely has many more happy years to come

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