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Photographer Alex Cearns Takes Portraits Of 18 “Imperfect” Animals To Help Them Find Forever Homes

Like any other creature, many dogs and cats are born imperfect. But it does not mean that they cannot live the life and receive the treatment they deserve. Perfection is imperfection. They are loyal, adorable and smart pets of your family. They befriend, comfort, and help us in daily life. Of course, there are still some people out there that are cruel to animals. But love and kindness exist everywhere. Many people love their imperfection and are ready to give them a home. Their happy life has just begun!

With this mind, famous animal photographer Alex Cearns takes portrays of 18 “imperfect” animals to help them find forever homes. She captures disabled dogs and cats in their true essence, shedding light on their conditions. Perfectly Imperfect: Dog Portraits of Resilience is a great artwork. It inspires millions of people over the world, especially pet lovers. Let’s check them out!

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#1 Aryah was born disabled with one deaf ear, a deformed face, and a missing eye. She is gentle and adorable.

#2 Poor Vegemite was attacked by a dog and that caused him losing his left eye. He is still as sweet as can be.

#3 Mya lost both of her eyes to glaucoma but the rest of her senses remain keen.

#4 Jakk experienced a sad story. He was tossed in a Dumpster because of his deformed legs. Thankfully, his sad cries were heard before it was too late.

#5 Bali Pip is bald from mange. But she’s still living happily.

#6 Beau’s skin cancer has robbed him of his ears, causing him deaf. He still enjoys his life.

#7 Jaffa has a missing leg and was forced to wait 8 years before finding a forever home. She’s finally living with a loving family.

#8 Oompah was infected with mange and homeless. Luckily, she’s been adopted by a loving family.

#9 Scrappy was forced to have his eyes removed after experiencing a series of issues.

#10 Keisha is a paralyzed dog. This lovely guy has been adopted by a loving family.

#11 Rupert missed one of his legs but he does not let that stop him from enjoying life.

#12 Draco is a lovely Bully who is prone to fainting because of his heart condition.

#13 An accident when Skye was a puppy, caused her losing one of her eye. She hasn’t let it slow her down at all.

#14 This cat born without eyes but it does not prevent her from discovering the world with her heart.

#15 Peg’s got a special leg. However, that does not keep her from living it up.

#16 Neo is a testament to the power of positive thought. This cross-eyed pup remains an absolute delight.

#17 Romeo lost his eye in a fight with another dog and is able to smile his way through it all.

#18 Crash was left to fend for himself as a kitten. Fortunately, a helpful passerby decided to adopt him and change his life forever.

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